The Liszt Institute’s Library is open to the public on Monday betwenn 9am and 12,30am, Wednesday and Friday between 3pm and 7pm.
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The library consists of two main nuclei:


Liszt Studies

  • The section includes writings by Liszt, biographies, letters, studies, articles and studies regarding sources pertinent to Liszt.


  • Quaderni dell’Istituto Liszt (1998 – )
  • Liszt Society Journal (1975 -)
  • Liszt Saeculum (1978 – 2001)
  • JALS (Journal of the American Liszt Society) (1977 -)

New Liszt Edition Scores

  • Scores and first editions of Liszt’s works. Compositions by other composers used by Liszt as sources for his transcriptions and paraphrases.


  • All published letters “by” Liszt and “to” Liszt are currently being catalogued.
  • For each letter the following information is recorded: sender, sender’s address, recipient, recipient’s address, place and date of postage, data concerning the source of the letter, the place where the original is preserved. To date, more than 8000 letters have been catalogued. Optical character recognition (OCR) of the letters’ texts has also been started.

Musical Archive

  • The section contains Liszt’s complete works for piano, recorded by Leslie Howard, as well as recordings of other compositions by Liszt and his contemporaries.



  • The section contains works regarding the history, construction and restoration of pianos.


  • Music by composers close to Liszt is collected in this section.

History of Music

  • There are general works and those regarding the 19th Century.

Catalogue of letters and manuscripts owned by the Foundation