I QUADERNI, N°3, 2004


MICHAEL SHORT & LESLIE HOWARD (a cura di), F. Liszt. List of works.
Elenco delle opere. Ampliamento del Catalogo di Humphrey Searle e della revisione di Sharon Winklhofer

The present volume aims to present an up-to date listing of all the musical works of Franz Liszt (1811-1886). The list follows that originally devised by Humphrey Searle for his book The Music of Liszt, published in 1954 and revised by him for Grove V. It further takes into account the revision undertaken by Sharon Winklhofer and published in The New Grove: Early Romantic Master I (1985). Despite some peculiarities of the original house style, it seemed to us practical to use these catalogues as the basis for our own, since they are standard references in the English-speaking world and the numbers are well-known in many library and recording catalogues.
It has been necessary to assign numbers to works that have to come light since 1985 as a result of our own researches and those of other Liszt scholars. These new numbers, to which “a”, “b”, etc. suffixes have been applied, are inserted in the appropriate places in this catalogue, with as little alteration to the originale numberings as possible. The most notable amendmentes are to be found among the numerous piano Albumsblätter not previously listed. The sections for “Unfinished Works” and sketches and for “Missing or Doubtuful Works” are expanded considerably, and a section for “Projected Works” added. Liszt’s work as editor of the works of other composers is also covered.