F. Liszt, Foglio d’Album in Sol maggiore [versione iniziale di Consolation n. 6, LW A111a, S166q]

The Consolations belong among Liszt’s best known and most frequently played works. However, the compositional history of this series has not been clarified in every detail, due to some missing links in the chain of the manuscript sources and a lack of data in Liszt’s correspondence. In April 2008 the Istituto Liszt has purchased a four-page Liszt autograph manuscript. This four-page Album leaf, which is here published, it is an early version of Consolation n. 6. The present complete facsimile edition makes possible to study a beautiful example of Liszt’s handwriting and to reconstruct the history of the piece from the genesis to its final version as last number of the collection Consolations. At the same time an exact printed transcription is offered for playing.


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