Liszt Rarities – Rarità lisztiane series

The Liszt Rarities – Rarità lisztiane series intends to give performers and scholars the opportunity to have access to pieces by Liszt which are unavailable in correct modern editions. In some cases, this regards fortuitous findings of unknown works or those believed lost, or autograph versions pre-dating those published in the Gesammt Ausgabe (GA) or in the Neue Liszt-Ausgabe/New Liszt Edition.

For example, the first volume of the prestigious Neue Liszt-Ausgabe/New Liszt Edition, declared that it would present Liszt’s works in their final form. Other versions were only taken into consideration when significant parts of the first version were not included in the definitive one. Only in the last five years has this policy been modified and a series of Supplements been designated to fill this important lacuna.

On the contrary, the characterising objective of the Liszt Rarities – Rarità lisztiane series has always been to present rare versions of Liszt’s compositions. Indeed, if one observes that the works which Liszt re-elaborated in some way regard almost his entire production, it is apparent that there is much “hidden music”. “Redoing” was extremely necessary for Liszt throughout his life. Sometimes these were just drafts, brief sketches to catch a thought on paper, but often they were actual pieces, with their own internal coherence, raison d’être and motives for being known. Publication of this “hidden music” will allow the public to discover similarities and differences within the sphere of the same thought, a sort of “double” musical note, together with the discovery of completely unknown music.

These are the first four issues of the editorial plan, all published by Rugginenti, all first editions.

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No. 1

Franz Liszt, Variations sur le Carneval de Venise (S700) for piano. Edited by Nunzio Salemi. First edition.
Rugginenti, Milan 2001

No. 2

Franz Liszt, La lugubre gondola (S199a). Edited by Mario Angiolelli. First edition of the Venetian manuscripts. Rugginenti, Milan 2002

No. 3

Franz Liszt, Concerto sans orchestre (S524a) for piano. First edition for solo piano of the Concerto No. 2 in A major. Edited by Mariateresa Storino. First edition.
Rugginenti, Milan 2006

N. 4

Franz Liszt, Album Leaf in G major [first version of Consolation No. 6, LW A 111a, S166q]. Edited by Mária Eckhardt. First edition.
Rugginenti, Milano 2010

N. 5

Franz Liszt, Angelus! (1877-1882). 5 versions for keyboard – 2 versions for string. Edited by Leslie Howard. Critical edition and sources.
Rugginenti, Milano 2015