Pianoforte Steinway & Sons 1860

Steinway & Sons Concert Grand Piano No. 4021, built in 1860, owned by the Liszt Institute of Bologna (length: 2560 mm, range: A1 [1945 mm] – A 6 [47mm]) restored by Flavio Ponzi in 1997. The model is identical to the one which the firm Steinway & Sons donated to Franz Liszt in 1883 (No. 49382, 2217 mm, range: A1 [1658 mm] – A6 [57mm]), now conserved in the Teatro alla Scala Museum.

For further details see:

Flavio Ponzi “ Typological Characteristics of the Late-Romantic Steinway Piano”, Quaderni dell’Istituto Liszt, 1, 1998, p127-150

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